EcoDiners Membership

EcoDiners is an exclusive membership program that allows the members access to promotions as well as rewards and partnerships from over 600 plus restaurants.

Membership Perks:

Exclusive offer After Completing 99 orders

We want to reward you for being loyal customers and sustainably-minded citizens! All these goodies are FREE when you complete 99 orders with Perks99:

How to become a member?

Customers can accumulate miles via order purchases, delivery, or by scanning the QR code for
in-store purchases. Each $ spend earns you 10 miles. Eco-Diners redeeming with as little as 50

One easy payment each month gives you access to over 600 participating GTA restaurants, with new delicious options added weekly! You can pause, or cancel at any time.

Reply with your meal choice before the cutoff time.

Your meal will be dropped off at the Perks99 temperature control food portal stationed at your  workplace building. We’ll notify you via text/WhatsApp when the meal arrives at the portal.


Scan the QR code at the machine to pick up your food fresh and warm.

Once you are done eating simply scan the QR code and drop off the plate at the machine.That’s it! No dishwashing, no food packaging disposal, no waste, no stress!

Machines are sanitized regularly and Packages are sanitized in a commercial kitchen.

Sign your Company

Companies that do well together stay well together. Feed your office through hundreds of local restaurants. Convenient individual ordering customization and payment options for groups and individuals, and one invoice for all orders placed.

Become a restaurant partner

Perks99 will not just give your restaurant phenomenal exposure to reach an audience sitting behind a desk that may be unable to get out and try your restaurant because of distance or time constraints. Perks99 will boost your revenues by generating business before you open your door to walk-in customers.

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